SAMPLE - Scent Spritzer Spray

SAMPLE - Scent Spritzer Spray

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Skin Revival - Nutrient rich, natural based bath and body products.

BRIAR: Scent Spritzer Spray - notes of ho wood and chamomile. You might feel slightly fancy. 

OPAL: It presents itself as a clean scent. An aura of white, a note of earthy warmth, but not a warm fragrance. Slightly sultry, but one of the most wearable fragrances you will discover

MARINE: Slightly Oceanic, Notes of Geranium and Vetiver. 

or we can Surprise you !! 


This is a natural based scent spritzer.

A glorious combination of good stuff, essential oils and

floral essences, bringing a unique but beguiling scent

profile. Your nose may become less sensitive over time to

natural oils and ingredients, try alternating scents to refresh

your senses. But trust you smell great.


We recommend a patch test before spraying or applying wildly

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