Find your Favorite - Sampler Pack - All 10 fragrance minis

Find your Favorite - Sampler Pack - All 10 fragrance minis

  • $9.99

Skin Revival - Nutrient rich, natural based bath and body products.

This is a sample pack of all 8 of our concentrated fragrances.

A smeller pack allows you to try and wear each scent, finding which fragrance(s) you love most.

Here is a scent description of what you will receive. 

OPAL: a warm clean musk that's slightly sweet, fresh wood notes perfectly balance this light luminous scent 

FAWN: our house musk, earthy & simple. it's vetiver meets carnation

BRIAR: notes of cedarwood, amber, fig and vanilla

MARINE: notes of geranium, driftwood, seaweed and petitgrain

SIERRA: notes of patchouli, sandalwood, thyme and coriander

MOSS:  notes of sage, moss and salt. a rugged yet relaxing scent 

CYPRESS:  notes of bergamot and cedar. crisp and woodsy

AMBROSIA:  notes of white rose, chamomile and ho wood. a powdery floral

BLUSH:  notes of lily and fir, soft floral yet fancy. 

SABLE: notes of vanilla, black currant and palo santo. a rich floral

Since these are natural based fragrances and will do best applied to certain areas of the body. Focus on the forearm, wrist, neck and chest for application. It will blossom or open with your body heat and become uniquely yours, and your own scent based on your chemistry. Your nose may become less sensitive over time to natural perfume, try alternating our scents to refresh your senses

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